A Few Milestones in the History of the Material Handling Industry

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Nowadays, people might take products like the lift hand truck, the stair climbing dolly and the forklift for granted. They may use them frequently throughout the workday, but they probably do not stop to think about all the time and innovations that led up to their creation.

Here are some of the products that have revolutionized the material handling industry:

1. 1917: Clark Invents the Tructractor

Many people in the material handling industry probably associate the name Clark with forklifts. There is a good reason for this: The Company has been developing heavy-duty lift trucks and their predecessors for over a century now.

Near the end of World War I, the Buchanan, Michigan-based Clark Equipment Company released the Tructractor, which was the world’s first industrial truck powered by internal combustion. The vehicle had a cargo box in the front, which people loaded and unloaded manually. People could think of this as the grandfather—or maybe the great-grandfather—of the forklift.

2. 1947: Magline Releases the Two-Wheel Magnesium Hand Truck

Another longtime leader in the material handling industry, Magline put out the first in its line of two-wheel hand trucks just after WWII. These products were of great benefit to people

3. 1949: Steinbock Releases Its First Electric Forklifts

The German material handling company Steinbock Boss actually developed Europe’s first electric forklift truck in 1943. However, the vehicle never moved beyond the prototype stage due to the upheavals of WWII.

After the war ended, Steinbock refocused its efforts and produced its first series of electric forklifts. The company followed this up with a series of forklift truck attachments in 1951 and a line of internal combustion-powered forklifts in 1953.

4. 1973: Pyroban Applies Explosion-Proof Technology to the Forklift

The UK-based Pyroban did not produce any forklifts or material handling equipment, but they provided a great benefit to the industry nonetheless. Formed in 1972 under the name Power Research Ltd., the company developed safety technology that prevented diesel-powered forklifts and other industrial equipment from exploding.

5. 2002: Magline Introduces the Powered Stair Climber

In the early 2000s, Magline made its own contribution to improving safety in the material handling industry. More specifically, the company released its powered stair climber or stair climbing dolly, which makes it much easier for workers to transport loads up and down stairs without getting hurt.

Magline has been proud to provide innovative material handling equipment for over 70 years. People use its products day in and day out to transport loads safely.

About Magline

Magliner’s hand trucks and other equipment help people around the world move material safely and efficiently every day. The company’s innovative products and services have made work easier for more than seven decades.

For additional information, visit Magliner.com

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