5 Ways to Distinguish a Legitimate Wholesale Supplier from a Fake

July 20, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

You work hard to provide your customers with perfect products and a phenomenal shopping experience. Stocking your store with wholesale gifts that sell shouldn’t be a difficult process. However, it seems that there will always be people out there working to take advantage of you and steal your money. Phony wholesale retailers are scamming business owners with fees, fake orders, and products that never get to you. However, with research, you can avoid losing your money to an illegitimate wholesaler.


To find a valid wholesale provider, you have to do your due diligence. Google search the company for reviews, street views, and images that correlate to the information on their site.


When you run a business, strong communications with different colleagues and partners is paramount. Any legitimate wholesale gifts provider will have a reputation for excellent communication, and they will flaunt that reputation on their site. They will be easy to contact and have communication options clearly displayed on their site. Don’t be afraid to utilize this information and contact them, it will give you a clear impression on how they treat interested retailers, and if they are a legitimate operation.

Social Media

Looking at a wholesale provider’s social media is another way to determine their validity. A company that is active and engaged with their followers is more-than-likely a true business. In addition, read any comments left on their posts, if they are predominately negative, look elsewhere.


A website is something that a reasonable wholesaler will invest money in, so it should look like it. Products should have images, coherent descriptions, and a clear price listed (even if it’s the retail price). Analyze how old the website is, when it was last updated, and how it aligns with the information you already know about them. A decoy site will lack detail and may not be updated very often.


A genuine wholesale supplier will not charge obnoxious fees. There should be no fees to set up your relationship, zero membership fees, no monthly fees—they will not expect you to pay to do business with them.


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