3 Types of Aircraft Tugs: From Propeller Planes to Commercial Aircraft

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There is a myriad of ways to tow aircraft, from towbars to electric aircraft tugs. Some of these vehicles are more traditional, while some are the result of years of progress and technology. Ground support in the world of air travel and airplanes is crucial to safety and scheduling. In the business of airplanes, everyone needs a reliable and versatile aircraft tug. Aircraft tugs are usually differentiated by the purpose of their features, such as battery powered or electric versus gasoline or diesel. Powerful yet easy to navigate aircraft tugs range from small to big and are designed with specific aircraft in mind.

For smaller aircraft, such as personal aircraft, the common tow bar is simple yet efficient in assisting in moving aircraft. Often made of aluminum, these small aircraft tugs reflect their purpose of pulling smaller aircraft. They are light in weight and easy to direct, relying on manpower rather than an engine. Some are even small enough to fit into the aircraft for convenience.

For larger aircraft that require a bit more than manpower can handle, engine-powered tow bar tractors direct heavy aircraft that weigh hundreds of tons with ease. The aircraft tug is the next step up from the original hand tow bar. However, the engine powered tow bar has become out of date in recent years because every aircraft requires a specific tow bar.

The solution? Towbarless aircraft tugs. Now available with gas-powered or electric engines, aircraft tow tractors have progressed from manpower to energy efficient and time efficient with technology. These can easily tow commercial, regional, and military aircraft. Choose electric engines for less pollution and cheaper aircraft transportation with ground support.

AERO Specialties is a proud distributor of Eagle aircraft tugs and tow tractors. These aircraft tugs and tow tractors are the only vehicles that have all-wheel drive and limited slip differential features. With unrivaled safety and proven weather reliability, Eagle aircraft tugs and tow tractors are the obvious choices for premier aircraft ground support vehicles.

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AERO Specialties is the premier supplier and distributor of the finest aircraft tugs and tow tractors available. Offering Eagle engine-powered and electric-running AWD tow tractors and tow tugs alike, AERO Specialties also carries aircraft pushback, power supplies, and more. With the best customer service on the market, it has earned an impeccable reputation and loyal customer-base around the world.

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